Enhance your gifts and grow your psychic business.

Metaphysical apprenticeship encourages you, the healer and medium, to develop your psychic gifts and share them with the world. During each course, you will learn tools, techniques, and practices designed to help you commune with the divine clearly, accurately, and with heart. Although apprenticeship encourages study in mysticism, it isn't confined to any particular dogma. Mystic teachings relative to topics such as Druidry, Hermeticism, Spiritualism, nature-based healing practices, and the oracular arts are interwoven into coursework. Self-inquiry and exploration is encouraged and a necessary part of developing your own relationship with the realm of Spirit. 

  • Courses may be taken individually, or as a structured two-year curriculum

  • Must have a consultation to join. Book your consultation below

  • Appropriate for beginners and those looking to advance their skills

  • Master these skills for your own healing and exploration

  • Learn how to use your abilities to help others and develop your own extrasensory business


Divination, the art of communicating with the divine, serves as a means to faciliate inner wisdom and guidance from your highest self. This course was designed for those who are new to Tarot and Oracle card readings, and those who are looking to develop their skills. Tarot and Oracle readings have many benefits which assist others with obtaining clarity, direction, and a deeper connection with their inner voice. This course also guides the reader through the process of creating and developing their own divination business.

 Learn how to:

  • Professionally and accurately read Tarot and Oracle cards

  • Work with the spirits of the major and minor arcana of the Tarot

  • Utilize card spreads and layouts

  • Create and grow your own divination business

  • Set yourself apart as a reader

Prerequisite: Consult call

Price: $1,333 (Empowement payment plans available for $177 per month for 8 months)


Mediumship is often described as the ability to communicate with the dead, but it is so much more than that. This course was designed to help those seeking to develop their mediumship, spirit work practices and magick as practitioners in their community. Apprenticeship with Blue shows you how to safely connect beyond the veil and deepen your connection with Spirit.

 Learn how to:

  • Enhance and work with your mediumship abilities

  • Communicate with those who have transitioned

  • Conduct a Seance'

  • Assist with spirit crossover

  • Conduct a vigil

  • Facilitate a house clearing

  • Psychically protect yourself and your space

  • Facilitate a spirit extraction

  • Conduct a soul retrieval

  • Facilitate a mediumship (veil) reading

Prerequisite: Consult call

Price: $1,777 (Empowerment payment plans available for for $233 per month for 8 months)


"When I first met Blue, I was looking to let go of the immense pain and hurt I had just endured in a previous relationship. Blue brought my hurt soul to the surface for me to grab hold and take care of. They helped me recognize the things in my life which no longer served me and helped me to let them go and give them back to the universe. I had never experienced such powerful channeled healings before in my life and my soul truly needed to recalibrate. I knew apprenticeship would help me to learn more about our universe and the vibrations that connect and activate us all together as one! Mediumship Apprenticeship helped me repair my broken and shattered body/mind/spirit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Blue. I recommend Mediumship Apprenticeship to everybody seeking a greater understanding of healing and why it is so important for us to learn these practices and share them for self and world healing."