Queer and Non-binary Sacred Medicine Practitioner, Coach and Nature Spiritualist

Growing up, I believed there was something “wrong with me” so I became a chameleon and tried to fit into the box society had created for me. Being raised in a religious household, I learned to feel shame around many parts of my identity. I was taught that I was a sin and would not be worthy or deserving of love unless I changed everything about myself. The level of self hate I grew to harbor became crippling. I felt misunderstood, isolated and alone and as if I would always be lumped into the categories of "wierdo" or "freak."

Nature was my safe haven. It was the place where I could be all of me. Eventually, I found myself wanting to deepen my exploration of the forces of nature and began participating in medicine ceremony and working with various plants and flower essences. Every time I would connect with the natural world in this way, I would receive wisdom. This information made a profound impact on my life and, for me, felt like an accelerated path to healing. In these ceremonies, I learned my inherent nature wasn't something I needed to fix, it was something to celebrate. As I gradually unwravelled from the grips of trauma, I learned how to embrace my differences and live in harmony within myself and with the world at large.

Now, I help others to live the truth of their inherent nature without guilt, judgement or shame. We begin by stepping into ourselves in the Nature Garden through Ritual or Ceremony and everything is customized from there. My journey of self-discovery was far from linear and I am here to support you as you navigate your own. I have a degree in Social Work and over ten years of experience working with survivors of atrocities and trauma. The spiritual path I follow is Druidry, which guides individuals to live a life of harmony with nature and with themselves. I have received formal training in Sacred Medicines, Reiki, Sound Healing, Herbalism and shamanic training from the Yananawa and Q’ero peoples of Peru. All medicines are ethically harvested and a portion of the proceeds are donated back to the tribes to support their stewardship. If you are interested in learning more, you can schedule a consultation with me to discover what's holding you back from the expression of your true inherent nature.